Crimean War Quilt

Military Quilts  

Also known as "Soldiers' Quilts", and "Crimean Quilts", they  were generally made from 1850 to after the turn of the Century.  The quilt shown to the right is made of military uniform fabric, and was probably sewn by a convalescing soldier during the period 1954-1856.  The quilt itself measures 8 X 10 feet, and is made of uniform wool.  Crimean quilts were sewn by soldiers recovering from wounds, and varied in design and colours.  

The owners of the quilt shown above believe it may have been made by a Welshman, and a signature appearing to be "B. Brandon" appears on the obverse side.  Her Britannic Majesty's Own will be at the 10th Annual Foothill Games, in Hendersonville, NC on 6 November, 2010 and we hope to again have the quilt on display.  We will be  indebted to Joen and Bill Goodman of Hendersonville, NC should we have another chance to show you this fine antique quilt.

To the right is a picture of "Mishka" and Major D'Arlynn at the 2007 Foothill Games.