Sutlers of Fine Quality Reenacting Goods

The sutlers and suppliers below are known to consistently provide goods of superior quality. The following is a list of places to purchase specific items. Most of the recommendations come from a group of veteran reenactors that are known for their authenticity and commitment to portraying the Civil War soldier accurately. Still, you must educate yourself before buying. Do your research, or talk to those who have, to find out what is CORRECT for YOUR impression!

  • Cannon Ltd. 2414 Bethel Church Rd., Coolsville, Ohio 45723 (614)-667-6896
    Makers of Full Scale Artillery
  • Dirty Billy's Hats
    Shop   430A Baltimore Street  Gettysburg, PA 17325   (717) 334-3200
    Mail Orders  7574 Middleburg Road Detour, MD 21757  (410) 775-1865
  • CJ Daley Historical Reproductions, Inc. (301) 371-5792
    105 West Green Street
    Middletown, Maryland 21769
  • Country Cloth, Inc., Charlie Childs (330) 862-3307
    13797-C Georgetown Street N.E.
    Paris, Ohio 44669 -
    Providers of patterns and kits. Kits contain instructions, pattern, and pre-cut material. Coats-Trousers-Shirts-Socks-Blankets-Canteen Covers-Vests
  • New Columbia (800)-383-5927 - Frock Coats
  • Missouri Boot and Shoe Co. (417)-451-6100
  • Montana Boot Co. (406)-222-7721 - Boots

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