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Furniture question not photography
Posted by: Iancathcart ()
Date: July 05, 2012 04:20AM

I always wanted an old corner cupboard. Found this one recently and I liked it.
It has square sheet cut nails in portions of it. What style is it? What is the
Approximate age. Can you answer this one Ty???


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Re: Furniture question not photography
Posted by: Ty G ()
Date: July 06, 2012 01:20AM

Good gosh, that is such a loaded question. Mainly because reproductions of furniture have been made ever since originals were being made. I am no expert, but I went and grabbed a couple books on the subject, the main one being by Albert Sack.
That cupboard has a lot of similarities of the furniture made from around 1670-1700. These things being the clunky build, the applied spindles, and the just basic, plain box shape. 1702 started the Chippendale era where pieces had less applied stuff and were more stream-lined looking.
Now, of course there was no giant time clock or a guy running around telling furniture builders to change on a specific date. So, guys who have "always built that way" didn't change easily. So, your time period could go to mid 1700's even though Queen Anne style was the "hot thing" by then.
The square head nails can't really be used to date it, because those things were used for so, so long.
If your piece is original, it could easily be that old. When I was in Virginia, there were pieces from late 1600's everywhere I turned. I went to a house a guy bought the entire contents of the home just for the furniture. At least 10 pieces in there were pre-1700. I helped load half of them into a truck. That house was right in the middle of Alexandria, VA.
The main things to notice are: all solid wood contruction, solid wood back boards, bottom, everything shoud be solid wood. Also, the hardware will be through bolts with nuts on them. You should NOT see any chicago screws (where a screw goes into the hardware from behind).
Hope this helps somewhat.
Ty (not an expert) Guillory

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Re: Furniture question not photography
Posted by: Ty G ()
Date: July 06, 2012 01:24AM

Oh, style would be Jacobean or simply Pilgrim furniture. The Sack's book calls it "Pilgrim," but other texts call it Jacobean.

OR, there could be the chance it is just junk repro. from the early to mid 1900's. A lot of that still around.

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