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Had a long talk with our buddy Rob Gibson...
Posted by: Ray Morgenweck ()
Date: March 23, 2011 12:52PM

Many of you know Rob Gibson. Some of you may not. Rob got started in wet plate about when I did, in 1995. He learned the craft from Mark Osterman, and after a few years on the CW reenactment tour, opened a working period wet plate studio in Gettysburg Pa. Rob has done work with film companies, museums, writers....and has done one thing few practitioners do....he has 'mastered' the process.

A few years ago, he moved out of the studio, went to North Carolina...and then due to a complicated set of circumstances, moved back to Gettysburg and regained control of the studio. He and his wife now run the operation, Rob behind the camera, and Dee fitting the customers into period clothing. Currently, Rob estimates that at least 85% of his patrons are tourists. Reenactors, always drawn to Gettysburg....encompass the remaining 15%.

Rob says tourism in Gettysburg is way down...and blames the economy on that. Many businesses there are having a tough time of it, he gave me a few examples and he himself wondered how they were staying afloat.

While Rob dosent keep the high public profile like many other wet plate gurus...with websites, forums, exhibitions.......he IS one of our senior statesmen, so to speak, and has earned his credits.

If you are in Gettysburg, or somewhat local and looking for a neat wet plate day trip, Look up Rob Gibson and stop by the studio. Best drop in times currently are thursday through sunday.


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