The 8th OVI Monument at Antietam

The following inscriptions appear on the monument of the 8th OVI:


Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer
1st Brigade, Gen. Nathan Kimball
3rd Division, Gen. W.H. French
2nd Corps, Gen. Edwin V. Sumner
Army of the Potomac

Upon the front panel:

On this Field Ohio's Sons Sacrificed
Life and Health for One Country and One Flag.

History, back of monument:

Sept. 17, 1862, forded Antietam Creek waist deep; formed line of battle south of the Roulette Buildings, in orchard; took crest of hill at the point of the bayonet; held position for hours; supplied exhausted amumunition and muskets from the dead and wounded; charged "Bloody Lane," capturing about 300 prisoners; number engaged 341; losses in killed and wounded 162.

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