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Thread: For Sale: War of 1812 Brown Bess British Musket

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    Default For Sale: War of 1812 Brown Bess British Musket

    Perfect for early war Confederates and militias! For sale is my War of 1812 and Napoleonic Era British Brown Bess .75 musket. This was made by Middlesex Village initially. I bought it, and recontoured the stock and reshaped it to match an original and added Rifle Shoppe parts to better represent this musket; the forestock is graceful and sleek and the comb of the butt is now more correct.The stock looks black in these pics but is a very dark brown with red highlights- my flash gives it a darker hue, it looks much nicer in person.
    The dbl-throated cocking piece is unique of post 1800 Brown Bess muskets and it sparks excellently- the interior of the lock has been fully tuned for fast ignition. The barrel is properly surcharged and has all government markings & inspection marks all over the musket.
    The stock has been darkened to match a European walnut and then hand-rubbed with coats of oil to get a military sheen on it.

    Musket comes with a British military sling, flashguard, hammerstall AND fitted bayonet which also has the British gov't surcharge.

    You won't find a better researched and re-created India Pattern Bess around. This is amazingly light at only around 8lbs and a large .75 caliber. Smoothbore-naturally. Asking $580 plus shipping. Email inquiries to Jim Chocole at
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    That's a beautiful straight out of a museum Bess there! I wish I was in the market for one. (My Brown Bess is one of my favorite guns. It's an Italian from the mid-70s. I paid $125 for it. Carried at 200th Monmouth, Newtown and Yorktown and 225th Battle Road and Saratoga. No, I'll never sell it.)
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