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Thread: Help with the Acronyms on Here

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    Is there a reason for this "disagreement", that the great unwashed of us may be informed?
    If there is a reason for this disagreement, it is between Paul at the AC and that individual and has no business being aired here, especially if there were threats of a lawsuit involved. Any posts on this topic will be automatically deleted.
    Thomas H. Pritchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by yerbyray View Post
    C/P/H was the one that had me stumped the most
    That's funny, many of us within the C/P/H movement have been stumped at one time or another.
    Bill Cross
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    'In the end, it's the history, stupid. If you can't document it, forget about it. And no amount of tomfoolery can explain away anything that makes history (and living historians) look stupid and wrong."


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