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Thread: Confederate Army Surgeon's Manual

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    Default Confederate Army Surgeon's Manual

    I was visiting my daughter at William and Mary last weekend and during some downtime stopped into the Swem Library and browsed their catalog. I turned up the following:

    "A Manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate Army,.." by Julian John Chisolm, published 1861 in Richmond and reprinted in 1863 again in Richmond. Swem library had a copy of each edition in its rare book room.

    I Googled Chisolm and found the following webpage entry -

    and Google Books claimed to have a copy of the 1861 edition at

    which looks like it may only be available to read online.

    He's also mentioned in a discussion of Confederate hospitals at:

    While original copies of this and other manuals are offered for sale (at collector's prices) at:

    Robert A. Mosher

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    Check out Morningside Press:

    They published a facsimile reprint of the Manual of Military Surgery a few years ago. They're the ones that do reprints of period military manuals, too. I have the Manual of Military Surgery, and it's great reading, as well as a valuable research item for period medical information. Mine is a reprint of the 1864 Evans and Cogswell edition, published in Columbia, SC.
    Also, if you can hold out until the Nashville relic show in December, there are always booksellers there, and at least a couple that handle Morningside publications.

    Frank Brower

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    Default Warren's "An Epitome of Practical Surgery, for Field and Hospital"

    For those who are looking to read a copy of a Confederate Surgery Manual without spending any money, check out Warren's "An Epitome of Practical Surgery, for Field and Hospital." Richmond, Va.: West & Johnson, 1863.
    Harry Aycock

    Medical Director Bee's Brigade - 150th First Manassas
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    Chief Surgeon
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