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Beth Miller Dresses, etc. For Sale
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Thread: Beth Miller Dresses, etc. For Sale

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    Default Beth Miller Dresses, etc. For Sale

    Iíve been in the hobby for almost twenty years, so I have accumulated quite a few things. Iíve decided to thin out my reenacting gear, since Iím not doing as many events now that my husband and I have a baby and have been playing in other time periods. All items are the highest quality and include a great deal of handwork. Hereís a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your impression at reasonable price! Some of these makers are no longer in business or only have very limited productions. All day dresses have been gently laundered and pressed. No funky campfire or human smells!

    ***Please remember that all measurements are DRESS measurements, not body measurements. Your bust and waist measurements should be smaller.***

    Please follow the link for pictures.


    1. Beth Miller Hall cotton day dress. Tobacco brown background with cream colored leaf print. Gathered, lined bodice with gathered sleeves. The skirt is hand-gauged and has period kick guard and hem tape, as well as a pocket on the right hand side. This is a versatile dress; worn without a crinoline and with simple collar and cuffs, it can function as a work dress. When worn with a hoop crinoline, fancier collar and nice jewelry (brooch, earrings), it serves as a very smart day dress. Beth no longer takes custom orders and at last check, her off the rack day dresses were running around $400. Also included is a linen embroidered collar and a set of cuffs. Her collars alone cost $45 when I purchased them. Very good condition; small repair on right sleeve. Asking $225.

    Size: roughly a modern street size 6-8 tall.
    Bust: 35 inches
    Waist: 26 Ĺ inches
    Front bodice length: 14 inches including waist band
    Back bodice length: 15 3/8 inches
    Front skirt length: 43 ĺ inches

    2. Beth Miller Hall Egyptian Cotton Work Dress. Wonderfully soft and lightweight Egyptian cotton plaid in shades of olive, cream, and black. Fitted bodice with light weight lining and lined coat sleeves. The skirt is hand-gauged, has a period pocket on the right hand side, and a deep turned up hem with tape finish. Collar and cuffs are included. Recommend wearing this with a few petticoats and a horsehair or corded crinoline. This is a very comfortable dress to wear in the heat of summer, since it is so lightweight and breathable, despite being fully lined on top. Included linen embroidered collar and cuffs. Small repair to skirt. Very good condition. Asking $200.

    Size: roughly a modern street size 6-8.
    Bust: 35 Ĺ inches
    Waist: 25 Ĺ inches
    Front bodice length: 13Ē
    Back bodice length: 15 3/8Ē
    Front skirt length: 41 Ĺ inches

    3. Fitted cotton day dress made by my mother, April Gammache. Exceptional quality. Mum has taken classes from Sandra Altman, Carolann Schmidt, Beth Turza, Juanita Leisch, as well as Beth Miller Hall. Period print in green picotage background with magenta geometric figures. Fitted bodice, gathered sleeves which close with original jet buttons and hand-finished button holes. Trimmed with hand-pleated grosgrain finished with braid on top. Hand-gauged skirt with period pocket on right hand side, deep kick guard in polished cotton, and tape finish. Embroidered linen collar and cuffs included. I did mend a tear in the skirt with a period set-in patch. It is impossible to notice given the volume of the skirt and the busy print. I am also including the extra fabric. This dress looks wonderful when worn with a black silk dress apron. It really sets off that fabulous print! Very good condition. Asking $150.

    Size: 10
    Bust: 36 Ĺ inches
    Waist: 27 Ĺ inches
    Front bodice length: 14 inches
    Back bodice length: 15 ĺ inches
    Front skirt length: 41 inches

    4. Ball gown by Elizabeth Martin Hocker of the former Martinís Merchantile and Millinery. Pale aqua and white cotton/synthetic brocade. Lovely period shade of blue. Double pointed bodice with lace up back and double puffed sleeves trimmed with bows. Full bertha of lace and ribbon. Cotton net tucker with silk ribbon closure. Separate full, double-box pleated skirt with kick guard. The Martins were the original sponsors of the Lady of the 1860ís Conference and produced high quality reproductions. This gown is quite lovely. I wore it once for only a few hours to the Remembrance Day Ball at the Eisenhower Inn a few years ago. I only danced a few reels, since my date was a dud! In excellent condition. Paid over $400 originally. Asking $250

    Size: 6-8 (waist can be let out slightly in the skirt)
    Bust: 36 inches
    Waist: 25 Ĺ inches
    Front bodice length (not including point): 11 Ĺ inches
    Back bodice length (not including point): 11 Ĺ inches
    Front skirt length: 40 inches

    5. Robert Land Front Lace Shoes. Front laced boot style in tobacco colored leather. I wore these only for a few hours to go out to dinner in Gettysburg. I have several other pairs and just donít need these. Excellent condition. Asking $70.

    Size: 8.5B

    If interested, please send me a private message. Prices quoted do not include shipping, since that depends on where you live. If you live in Central Pennsylvania, you can pick up anything at my home in Lancaster. Money orders or funded Paypal only please. Cash is of course welcome if you are picking up. Thank you!

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    Default Gwen

    pm sent
    today on the shoes
    S. Chris Anders

    There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. - Niccolů Machiavelli, The Prince. 1537.

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    Default Dresses

    PM sent today regarding the Beth Miller Dresses.


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    Plaid Beth Miller Dress and Robert Land Booties have sold!

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    Brown Beth Miller dress has also gone.


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    Gwendolynn -

    PM sent
    Best Regards,

    Linda Sanson

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    Ballgown, fitted day dress, and, due to a deal falling through, gathered day dress are available.

    Christmas is coming...

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    Default Beth Miller Day Dress on hold

    ballgown and fitted day dress still available. Ball season is soon upon us...


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