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Thread: Gettysburg PA Reenacting Units

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    Default Gettysburg PA Reenacting Units

    Hi. I'm looking to join a unit based in Gettysburg PA. I recall visiting a website for the First Pennsylvania Reserves Company K, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I'd really like to check this one out. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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    Our Unit hails from the region of Gettysburg. We have people from Gettysburg up to Lancaster and down into Maryland. We portray the 95th PVI, Gosline's Zouaves. Please contact me at for more information.
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    Hey there Lawrence, we are based primarily out of the Lehigh Valley, but we accept members from any where as long as they are interested in doing what we do. We are a c/p/h group, just started and we need men who are committed to the hobby and to preserving our nations history. If your interested we'd be happy to have you out. Our web site is take a look see what you think.
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    The 147th PVI Company G is based out of Snyder County, Penna. which is 1 1/2 hours north of Gettysburg (1 hour north of Harrisburg). We are a family oriented group that is always looking for new members. Please visit our webpage: to learn more about us.
    Andre Wagner

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    Default Gettysburg, PA Reenacting Units

    Hi Lawrence63,

    I would contact the the 53rd PA Co. C. You can reach them by the link to The National Regiment on the Home Page of this site, and then click on Units on the NR site. The 53rd's contact person is the librarian at Gettysburg National Military Park. They are a great bunch of guys. I have fallen in with them many times over the years including Living Histories on the Park grounds.

    There are also a couple other PA Reserve units in the NR that are based in or near Gettysburg. Good luck.
    Frank Durinick


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