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Thread: For New Users or those experiencing problems

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    Default Changing Your Email address

    If the email address you originally signed up with is no longer useful to you and you want to change it, please notify me in email at the address below.

    If you change it on your profile there is an apparent glitch in the system where the software will no longer recognize your membership status and it takes a bit of doing to sort it all out.

    I have blocked this as a "user editable" function because if I don't people will sign up with one email address, switch to another and we lose all control of who has what username attached to what email address. It also breaks down what little accountability we do require for members.

    So please send me the new address, preferably from the old address, and I'll be happy to make that change for you.
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    Be sure to view the New Users forum, especially The Forum Guidelines

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    Default Validated but still can't post?

    You might be having a problem with cookies. These are little text files that our system needs to put on your machine to keep track of such things as what threads you've read and your autologin info. If it can't do that for some reason, it will keep treating you as though you were someone who was not a member.

    To remedy the situation, go through all the system protection software you've got and make sure it allows our cookies. Spam protection, firewalls, filters, etc. can all interrupt the process if prior experience is any indication.

    If you are on AOL, check with your tech folks because I've had several cases where we just could not find a way through their protections. Not all AOL users have this problem, but the ones we can't figure out how to solve have all been AOL users.

    This is not something we can correct on our end, but we will do our best to try to help you with your end.


    Head History Nerd Wrangler
    Be sure to view the New Users forum, especially The Forum Guidelines

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    Default I don't quite get this scale message thing...

    You may want to experiment with the various display modes to see which you prefer. The linear mode displays posts in the order that they are posted while the Hybrid Mode shows a tree showing how the messages are usually linked to each other in terms of who is replying to who (usually because some individuals using a linear display have a habit of just almost always responding to the last message that they have read even when they are replying to something said several posts prior) and then lists all the posts below the highlighted message on the tree.
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    Default New Notification on the forum page as you first enter

    When you first reach the main lobby, you'll see a notice near the top of the page, with "New Users" in red lettering. I'm wondering if this is helpful or redundant. I get a lot of emails which show that people are not aware of what the sign in process is and where to find out about it. I'm trying to remedy that.

    Your opinions and feedback, preferably here, are most welcome.

    Head History Nerd Wrangler
    Be sure to view the New Users forum, especially The Forum Guidelines

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    Default Gone for 3 years

    I have been a registered member here, was quite ill for sometime. Tried to come back, but old email address would not let me reset....would like to get status back, as I had posted quite extensively....

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    Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page to send an email to the moderators. Lets see if we can help you.

    Lost passwords are easy enough to fix--they become hard when you've also lost access to your registration email address.

    Tell us your new user name, and new email address. Tell us your old username and old email address. Tell us your real name and any other identifying information contained in your old account. I'll attempt an account merge, if you can satisfy us that the old account was really yours.
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    Here they are:


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