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Thread: Period display advice and examples needed

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    For the past couple of months a co-worker and I have been representing our employer, the Texas General Land Office--owner of all Texas military land grant records, Spanish Land Grants, and maps: political, military and property--at re-enactments and I want to make our booth and displays more period appropriate. In most cases we are outside, but in others, such as at an upcoming SCV meeting, we will be inside. We are in character and period clothes when we do this but we know that our display needs improvement.

    A reader on another forum suggested I look to the US Sanitary Commission as a model and I know that to be excellent advice. However, while I can find some original photographs to model, I really would like to see how others have recreated this kind of display. No one has ever set up a Sanitary Commission or similar booths at any of the events I attend--the fact I am in Texas probably contributes to their absence. I would be very interested in viewing images taken at reenactments that others in this forum may have posted somewhere.

    Also I would be delighted to be pointed in the direction of suppliers or, even better, "how to's" to create period appropriate versions of the following and anything else they might think of:

    signage and banners, table and chairs, easels, display books, etc.

    Feel free to contact me in case you are interested in the kinds of maps and military records we maintain at the General Land Office. You can also check out my agency's website here:

    Read about our Save Texas History campaign here:

    Thanks, I welcome any advice you have for me!

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    Dennis Keesee has set up Sanitary Fair booths at events - perhaps he has some images he can share:

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