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    Levi Battery Guest

    Default New Battery forming

    Thomas' Legion of Cherokee's and Highlander's
    Aka “The 69th North Carolina"
    Army of Northern Virginia

    Who we are and what we do.

    Levi’s Light Artillery Battery Turner’s Battery and 38th Virginia Battery like other veterans and re-enactor groups have been entrusted by out forefather’s heritages to ensure that their truths and histories are carried on. We specialize in artillery but are open to all re-enactors. We are a well established re-enactor unit formally know as Gabriel Legion for over 10 years.
    Are you a history buff? Are you interested in the War Between the States? Whether you are an “old timer” or a new-be, come join us. Experience it all today first hand as a Living Historian and re-enactor.
    We are accepting memberships in both military and civilian impressions. Bring the whole family! The unit is family oriented and authenticity minded with both Military and Civilian impressions. We exist for the honor and memory of the soldiers and civilians who struggled through our nation's most supreme test.
    We participate in several events throughout the year. Battle reenactments, living history encampments, demonstrations and lectures to local libraries. We primarily attend events here in the Western New York area.
    We work in conjunction with other historical re-enactor groups to preserve War Between the States history. We work closely with veterans groups to include the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), and Sons of Union Veterans (SUVCW). We reject any group whose actions tarnishes or distorts the image of the Civil War soldier or their reasons for fighting. We are Americans and are appalled by those who use our sacred American symbols and flags to foster hate and bigotries. Contact us if you would like more information about there-enacting.

    Col David Peglau 1-716--676-5970 email at
    Lt John Tucker 1-716-741-9808 email at

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    Levi Battery Guest

    Default Thomas Legion

    This unit was known as the 69th also after the war. It is not associated with the current 69th NC.

    Our unit is the Artillery Division of the Legion


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