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    I have heard a lot of pro and con concerning the elastic suspenders that are sold by many C.W. sutlers. Are they authentic to the period or not. Does anybody out there have any good info on this subject?? your help would be appreciated.

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    The short answer is that they're not authentic, but I believe it has something to do with the closures. I was hoping someone who knows something more than I would chime in. I wore suspenders for years and sewed the buttons back on my trousers when they popped off. I could never get non-elastic suspenders to do the job adequately for me. For a while, I wore elastic suspenders. Much of the time they're under your vest anyway. Now I wear a belt. Everybody's happier and I'm much more comfortable.
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    The elasticized suspenders that Sekela makes (and are carried from time to time by his vendors) are absolutely period correct and are worth every penny of the price.
    Not so much elastic as elastic cording that is combined with the suspender webbing in the rear part of the suspenders. The buckles, of course, are accurate reproductions as well.
    Joseph Hofmann

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    Also the elastic braces Carter and Jasper have and Corner Clothiers are spot on correct.
    Terry Sorchy

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    Don smith of Trans-Mississippi Depot also makes correct period braces with elastic. I purchased a pair over a year ago when I got tired of popping suspender buttons every time I mounted or dismounted my horse.

    With such an affordable and authentic solution available, why anyone would choosewear the goofy canvas contraptions or modern elastic suspenders being sold by so many mainstream sutlers is beyond me.
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    Just because some reputable vendors manufacture suspenders that have elastic parts doesn't necessarily mean they are authentic. I believe Mr. Sam was asking for info on the subject.
    Charles Goodyear wrote a book in 1855. It is called Gum Elastic and its Varieties and mentions the use of suspenders and elastic in it at least once. I can't think of anything else, but keep your eyes open there's all types of cool information out there. Just remember just because someone has something for sale doesn't mean it is good and accurate (although I do not contest the usage of cotton elastic in reproduction suspenders). Always do some fact checking and research before you buy anything.

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    Just because some reputable vendors manufacture suspenders that have elastic parts doesn't necessarily mean they are authentic.
    That may be true, but I would be far more faith in Mr. Sekala's experience and extensive research towards his ability to know what is period correct in matters of clothing and accessories than my limited research resources to address the same issue. The same can be said for some of the other top-notch vendors for their specific areas of expertise.
    Thomas H. Pritchett


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