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Thread: Cedar Creek "event' is cancelled.

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    I would say that I prefer to be in the "doing" side of the house, but I do like doing school or group presentations too. At a good field event, reenactors can be very teachable with each other. How did I recently hear it styled, "constructive peer pressure." Getting comfortably into the zone also involves inviting others in, not grimly excluding them because they're not there yet. School groups can be nice because often they've just been studying the subject, and have a little familiarity, and the teacher and the reenactor can guide the discussion somewhat.
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    Default Makes No Sense...

    Why won't they elaborate on the reasons for cancelling it again?

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    I can think of a few reasons. Maybe there is a legal/civil matter involved and they cannot talk about it as instructed by lawyers or law enforcement. Or maybe it is embarrassing and they do not want to talk about it, like finding out that an annual event that occurs every February had been on land not fully secured by the land "owner". Or maybe they are biding their time until they feel it would be appropriate for a full explanation.
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    Why won't they elaborate on the reasons for cancelling it again?
    It's the same reason why statues are taken down in the dead of night.

    Steve Sheldon


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