I am selling a part original part/ repro 63 type II, three band musket plus original barrel for $1200 shipped or delivered face to face. Here is the deal. I put together muskets with original and repro parts. Musket that I am selling has a Numrich barrel for shooting live as in hunting or target shooting. When you reenact, you drop in the original barrel that has just a hint of rifling and shoot blanks.

It is by no means a collector grade nor it is a piece of junk but a serviceable musket for hunting, shooting and reenacting. The price is $1200 shipped.

If you like to see the musket, PM me and I will bring it to the Spring Nationals at Fort Shenandoah in Winchester, Va. the weekend after Mother's day or May 17th thru the 20th. I am part of the host team so any contact and dealings need to be after 5 pm. If interested, contact me using this forum and we will exchange phone numbers and meeting spots and times will be arranged. If you can not make the NSSA event, I travel to Gettysburg, New Jersey and New City, New York on a regular basis so meetings can be exchanged.

True blue and diamond Hard,
3rd US ( NSSA active)
30 Pa ( Vincent's brigade - retired)