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Thread: Looking for Northeast Ohio Units

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    Default Looking for Northeast Ohio Units

    I've decided to give reenacting another swing, what with my newly acquired Union kit which at least meets most mainstream levels of accuracy and isn't too small\delicate for field use. I'm interested right now mainly in an event or mini-event I could join in on in the Cleveland area... alas I still don't really drive so it either have to be close by or I would have to get a driver. Complicating things further, my new job at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument means I am busy on weekends for the most part... though given the subject matter I might be able to negotiate some days off.

    I was in contact with Jake from the 41st OVI a few years back, but I do not recall what we said to one another it's been so long. I tried to contact the 8th OVI a while back as well and I don't believe I got an answer from them.

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    Welcome back! Sent you a pm.
    Rob Weaver
    Pine River Boys, Co I, 7th Wisconsin
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    Here's their Facebook page address:

    That should get you back in touch with them.
    Bernard Biederman
    30th OVI
    Co. B

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    There's an event in Painesville over Memorial Day weekend. Lake County History Center.
    Chris Bartone

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    Thanks all for the help! It is looking like, with the new job taking up my Saturdays and Sundays into the beginning of September that my most likely first event will be this years Caesars Creek, so I might be able to meet up with people there. There is also an encampment out in Sandusky I am planning on attending, and several other events late in the season I will try to get out to if I can.

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