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Thread: Anyone know what this is????

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    Default Anyone know what this is????

    Would any of you know what this represents? It is actually on a sash that has two red lines running down each side. If you blow up the image, you can see what looks like logs and a circle in the center. It is all metal and sewed to the sash, which is about 6 feet long. My wife's grandfathers grandfather got this at Shiloh when he was wounded near the bloody pond. He was injured by a piece of shrapnel from a cannon. While at the bloody pond, an officer gave him the sash to put over his wound. The family has both the sash and the shrapnel removed from him.

    I have exhausted all avenues I know of and hope someone may know what it is.

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    Captain Rick Fallaw
    42nd Georgia
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    My guess would be a its a piece of fraternal order regalia, from a fraternal order which is now defunct. There were lots of them in the 19th century, and many have not survived. That may also account for the difficulty in finding a specific answer. It's certainly not a military item.
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    Thank you for the reply. It does give me another starting point.



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