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    This isn't a whine, but I do not think it would fit elsewhere. The living history season in New Mexico starts in two weeks, at Socorro. I should have some new items from the Sutler of Fort Scott by then, but some items from Stony Book and Wambaugh White & Co. won't arrive until Memorial Day weekend. When does the living history season begin back East, and how many people here are waiting for items to arrive in the mail?
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    In the northeast, the season usually begins in late April or May. The weather is just too variable to support field living before that, except for the most prepared or most foolhardy. �� In the south, Olustee and Bentonville are earlier, so I'd say March might be when their season starts to. When I lived in Ca., we cold reenact year-round, taking only the December holidays off. I still do that, but 20th century impressions fill the in cold weather months now.
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