Fellow Civil War historians and shooters,

On Sunday, February 25th, 2018 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, the Columbia Fish and Game Association will hold a small Gun Show and Gun shoot. The Club is heavily into the Mountain Man scenario, but there is a significant Civil War presence with members of the Lancaster Fencibles and the 3rd US holding a Civil War demonstration and hands on demonstration of the awesome power of the Civil War musket shooting live rounds at breakable targets. The live rounds will be provided. You can shoot blanks, and if you want to shoot live, members of the Lancaster Fencibles and the 3rd US will let you shoot their muskets, carbines and Henry. This demonstration is a hoot with breakable targets flying into pieces. There is food available for sale and a small admission fee to the gun show.

Someone should be on site with the Approved Arms list from the North South Skirmish Association and we can check to see if your musket, carbine, smoothbore, or Henry is on the approved arms list. In the NSSA safety is very, very important, and only those arms on the list can be used. Civil war arms from India are definitely out.

Pray for good weather.

True Blue and diamond Hard,
Harry Gaul
3rd US (NSSA)
30 Pa. (Vincent's Brigade- retired)

Middle Atlantic Recruiter, Inspector, Mentor.