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Thread: Wanted: Artillery Horse Team Demo

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    Default Wanted: Artillery Horse Team Demo

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I serve on the board of directors of the Kernstown Battlefield Association and as the chair of our artillery annex committee. We're looking for a demonstration of how artillery pieces (or caissons, or forges) were moved into position using a team of horses.

    Does anyone know someone I could speak with about scheduling this demo at Kernstown?

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    From my understanding, there are not very many units that utilize horses in drill these days. From what I understand there may be a couple of units out east that do. My unit (southern Minnesota) does on a rare occasion use horses in parades and it takes a great deal of practice just for that, let alone going into a battlefield drill. The thing is that it is very expensive to move horses from place to place, interstate movement of horses adds another expense and hassle. Insurance is the next hurdle to overcome. I would not begin to speak for the units that do use horses however. Best of luck in your search. At Perryville 2016 there were two Confederate pieces that came onto the field with horse, it was truly a marvelous experience to see that. As a Federal infantryman, it was awesome but quite intimidating as well. Perhaps you could make contact with the folks at Perryville to see if they may have some contact information.
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    Not sure if this thread has them on it, but over on the AC, Dan Chmelar can help you with information on horse drawn artillery.
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    Larry, you'll need to be pretty upfront here and state whether you have a budget to aid with demonstration costs on this. Its a hugely expensive thing to transport and put on.
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