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Thread: WTS: defarbed 1842 musket, english accouterments, MBS British Blucher boots

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    Default WTS: defarbed 1842 musket, english accouterments, MBS British Blucher boots

    For sale. USPS money order, check, or no-fee paypal. No trades please.

    Due to professional and life commitments, I am downsizing impressions given I am lucky to make one event a year lately and someone else might enjoy and use these.

    1. Armisport 1842 fully defarbed by Lodgewood (modern markings removed, proper markings added, brass front sight, stock reshape, etc). Used at one event. Has a little patina here and there and some slight ramrod channel wear at the base of the front band (as these are prone to do). Otherwise perfect smoothbore needing a home. Well maintained and cleaned. $850 shipped.

    2. Enfield pattern leathers, Jarnigan made. Their leathers have come a long way and these are fine items. Includes box with tins and sling, snake buckle belt, and enfield scabbard with frog. New these total $500 not including shipping. These have been used at one event. Will sell set for $400 shipped. Will consider breaking items up if there is interest, but prefer to sell as a set.

    3. Missouri Boot and Shoe CS import Blucher boots with the "Echos of Glory" pattern hobnails and heel plates. Also worn at one event. Really neat highly detailed boots. I wear 13R boots in Marine Corps issue combat and flight boots. These fit well with average thickness knit socks. $200 shipped

    I desire to sell.


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    Reasonable offers considered. Need to sell.


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