Several items for sale, brand new and never used. Hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched as were the originals made according to the regulations and in the case of US items from patterns gathered while I worked as a museum curator and associated with the U.S. Army Center of Military History. CS items made to the ordnance regulations cited in Knopp's book "Confederate Saddles and Horse Equipment." Thirty-plus years making quality reproductions, not a tack shop knock-off in the bunch. Correct hardware, each item made by hand from start to finish. Lower prices because I have a day job, this is not my livelihood. Prices include shipping, most items shipped next day, PayPal please. More pics available

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1. Confederate enlisted bridle with bit. $110.CSembridle1.jpg

2. Confederate officer's bridle with period English Pelham bit. $125.
(Color is actually russett, but photo shows it redder than it is)CSoffbridle1.jpg

3. US Model 1860 bridle w/rosettes, and sew on reins $75.USembridle1.JPG

4. US Model 1859 Halter, lead strap and link strap combination, complete. $110.Halter.jpg