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Thread: Original Musket with Bayonet - value

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    Default Original Musket with Bayonet - value

    I realize it is somewhat impossible to answer my question, but I donít know where else I could find a large pool of people who would know as much as the people here.

    I have an opportunity to purchase an original model 1861 Musket. It comes with the original bayonet. I have not seen it, but the owner says it is in very good condition. I know nothing about their ability to judge the state of it, but Iím wondering how much a bayonet would add to the worth or value of an original Musket.

    Thanks everyone.
    Joe Marti

    General George Wright Camp 22
    Sacramento, Ca

    6th Military District
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    I've picked up original bayonets in good shape for as low as $50. Rare, but doable.

    Michael Thomas

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    1st USSS, Co H

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    Hi Marti,
    I would get pictures before committing 100%. Gun grades can be like art- one person sees the next masterpiece, and some others see mud thrown against a wall (literally). When you do get pictures, compare it to similar grades. While it's easy to compare guns to larger auction houses like Rock Island, James Julia, Cowan's, etc., consider time of the year, varying factors like other aucturns ongoing, and pre-post-out of the recession time frames.

    They made several hundred thousand of those rifles, so they're not uncommon, but pristine examples are.
    Mark Krausz
    Prodigal Sons Mess of Co. B, 36th IL Inf. Vols.
    Old Northwest Volunteers
    Agents Campbell and Pelican's Military Goods

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    It does depend on the markings and condition, naturally, but a run of the mill bayonet, yeah, I'd add $50. Same goes for the musket, too. What maker? What markings? Is it a pieced together affair, or all original? It could be worth anywhere from $600 to $11500 depending on all that.


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