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Thread: Court: New Orleans can remove 3 Confederate monuments...

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    Post Court: New Orleans can remove 3 Confederate monuments...

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    Default read the article, it appears the intention is not to remove the monuments entirely, but to move the monuments to another location in the city, as yet undetermined. Still, aren't there more pressing things for the city to spend taxpayer money on?

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    Municipal governments have multiple agencies and departments. Streets does their thing, Public Works does their thing, Utilities does their thing, the Police does their thing, the Fire Department does their thing, and the Monuments people do their thing. Each department and agency gets a budget for their actions. Cities, especially large ones like New Orleans, can multitask. Expect the taxpayers and the AFSCME to complain if the Monuments budget gets diverted elsewhere.
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    Good news. Maybe they can put a statue of Andre Cailloux in place of Lee's...
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    caillou-xl-pictures-12.jpg I submit this as a design.
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