This is to introduce the Civil War Artifact Preservation Association
under the direction of Paul Martz and John Barone.

This is a not-for-profit group whose mission is the recovery,
preservation, documentation and to make available for
public display historical artifacts found in local areas.

Artifacts are deteriorating rapidly in the ground and those as recently as the

Civil War will be lost forever unless properly preserved for future generations.

Making these recovered artifacts available for display to educate
everyone about our historical heritage is our ultimate goal.

We make available our artifacts to local schools
so children can learn about the Civil War.

We also work with state and local archaeologists to recover artifacts.

Rapid development and growth today has created an urgent need
to preserve our history by recovering the artifacts of our past
and collecting data that will be useful in telling the history of each archaeology site..

It is our mission to bridge the gaps in current preservation efforts,

We go to great lengths to provide the most accurate history or documentation
available for the items we examine.

Each artifact is numbered according to the location it was found
or from whom it was donated.

We believe historically significant artifacts should not be traded or sold
randomly without regard to their historic significance.

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Also a member of:

8th Virginia Company K
The Bloody Eighth

Company K was 1 of 10 units that made up the 8th Virginia Infantry,
the company was made up of 109 men from Northern Fauquier and Eastern Rappahannock counties.
The unit was mustered into service on July 30, 1861 at Warrenton Va.
The company was part of Pickett’s Division, Longstreet’s Corp, Army of Northern Virginia.
Today the unit is made up of men, women and children that portray life during the times of the War of
Northern Aggression. We do this at small, medium and large reenactments, living histories, parades and