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Thread: This ever happened to you?

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    Default This ever happened to you?

    Just watch the video and you'll see what I mean! LOL!!
    Wil Clark
    Independent Re-enactor
    Have 12 ancestors that fought for the Union
    "To charge the enemy or enter a battle when one knows that there is no hope of success, requires courage of a much higher order than when the soldier is sustained by the enthusiasm born of hope."
    -- Colonel St. Clair A. Mulholland

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    The Heart Of Dixie


    As long as he waited, he could have made it to the woods!
    Derrick Pugh

    Western Independent Grays

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    As long as he waited, he could have made it to the woods!
    There have been a couple of times where it was daylight and no woods and a few times where it was the other back side of my body that I was having to keep clamped tight while waiting. To reduce the possibility of the later, I always carry Immodium in my medicine tin.
    Thomas H. Pritchett


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