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Thread: Quality 'Period Correct' Pocket Knife?

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    I think the only piece of Fall Creek equipment still left in my impression is my pocket knife. It's been with me 15 years and ain't going anywhere.
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    Default This is an example I'd forgotten about that is still widely available online, at auction sites, and in some stores. Kissing Crane plain wood handled pocket knives are an excellent copy of a period style. I've had one I bought from Old Sutler John about 16 years ago and just found them with a quick search
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    Yes the Klaas knives( kissing cranes) are really good. I have one too. Surprisingly Klaas is not making them any more but a slightly more fancier style.

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    Try Great Eastern Cutlery. They make many old styles, many with a long pull rather than a nail nick. I have several, and all are carbon steel with beautiful scales and top of the line workmanship. My favorite is a bone handled "boy's knife".
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    Now, that is an interesting point, Nighthawk.

    Are you saying that indentation in the blade where you can use your thumbnail to help pull the blade out is not original to the civil war era? I ask because there are clearly such indentations in some of the ones of the Arabia wreckage.

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    Not sure that was what was meant but here is a photo I took of a pocket knife from the Arabia. Hard to get a perfect photo with the glass and zoom but you can see the nail mark in the blade. Dan Wambaugh had a short supply a few years ago that looked just like this. Glad I picked one up as I almost didn't.


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    Default Pocket knife

    I have a Fall Creek knife and it is great. Had to put edge on it when I got it. but holding edge after six months.


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