Attention map lovers!

Looking for period style map-makers, draftsmen, printers, artist, photographers, surveyors to serve with the U. S. Coast Survey Mapping Detachment [out of western Maryland less than an hour to PA, WV, VA].

The U. S. Coast Survey topographers scouted for and produced "field maps" in every theatre and every major command of Federal forces for the entire war. This was a quasi-military organization within the Department of Treasury assigned to both Army and Navy commands for mapping and as a result of the Civil War, went on to become the uniformed commissioned officer corps now known as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA]. Post war spin offs include, among others, the U. S. Geological Survey, and the National Weather Service. If you are familiar with the Atlas To Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies [1891], many of those maps were made from the field maps produced by U. S. Coast Survey topographers assigned to the Corps of Topographical Engineers or Corps of Engineers at the major commands.

Our impressions are of Federal civilian employees, both male and female [starting in 1845] in civilian working attire or with a military style U. S. Coast Survey "uniform" from 1862 on but after June 1862 were also authorized to wear military uniforms [both USA and USN] under the commands they were attached to.

We perform field surveying of reenactment sites and produce period maps using period materials, tools and techniques. We serve on Engineering/Command staffs at events but also do living histories for demonstration. If you have mapping skills or any related skills or have an interest in developing those skills, please contact Maps, period photos, and authenticity references can be provided.