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Thread: Who were your ancestors?

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    Default Ancestors

    Jeremiah Barker 5th KY. Vol. Inf. CSA
    Francis Marion Barker 34 TN. Inf. (Burrough's Battery)
    James K. Polk Barker 64th VA.
    James M. Williamson 34th TN. Inf.
    Ben Ausmus 34th TN.

    Capt Bill Ausmus 7th TN. U.S.

    Proud of them all
    Les Williamson
    5th KY. Inf.
    "The Eastern 5th"

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    GGG GF- Nathan R. Hall 2nd Lt. 51st Va. Inf. Co H.
    (Captured in 63' spent the rest of the war in Ft. Delaware)

    His little brother- Hardin Hall Pvt. 51st. Va. Co. H.
    (Wounded at New Market Va. '64)

    GGG GF- Stephen D. Rakes. Pvt. 50th Va. Inf. Co. D

    Rakes grandaughter and Nathan's grandson meet at the turn of the century and became husband and wife. The daughter was Laura Addie Belle Rakes. She lived to be 106 and died in 2001. I had the honor and pleasure to hear many stories about both Nathan and Stephen. Nathan danced with her at her wedding in 1909.
    Chris Owens


    150th BGA Gettysburg. June 27-30 2013

    "War is old men talking and young men dying"

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    I'm not sure of the name, I have it written down somewhere.

    But my G-G-G-G Grandfather was with the 30th Alabama Infantry at the beginning of the war. Killed at Vicksburg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaWildcat View Post
    Only confirmed ancestor is Pvt Joshua Oliver, USA, who was all over the place, Serving 3 months with the 86th Ohio infantry, Then serving with Co I, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery, and after mustering out in 1864, enlisted in the 2nd Minnesota Cavalry.

    I believe that I had a few relatives, possibly distant cousins in Co. B, 35th Tennessee Infantry, CSA, but this is not confirmed at this time as I have hit something of a stonewall in tracing it back.

    Ok, further research have had a few more pop out of the wood work.. Pvt Christian Simonson, Co E, 15th Wisconsin Infantry, Private William Laughlin Argo, Co B, 19th and 20th Consolidated Tennsessee Cavalry (Biffle's 9th Tennessee Cavalry), Pvt Thomas Oliver, Co. K, 183rd Ohio Infantry. Thomas as captured Nov 30, 1864 in his first battle at Franklin. He spent time at Cahaba and Andersonville, and was declared exchanged April 1, 1865 and was sent to NOLA, where he caught a boat home to Ohio. The river boat he took home? The Sultana his remains were either never recovered or never identified.
    Bobby Hughes
    Co A, 2nd Battalion Ga Sharpshooters/64th Illinois Vol Infantry "Yates' Sharpshooters"
    Savannah Republican Blues
    Co C, 3rd US Infantry
    Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum & William Scarbrough House, Savannah, GA

    "I hope to live long enough to see my surviving comrades march side by side with the Union veterans along Pennsylvania Avenue, and then I will die happy." - James Longstreet at a Memorial Day Parade in 1902.

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    1SG Josiah W. Byrd- Co. C, 26th North Carolina Infantry Enlisted 1861, was medically discharged due to his age.

    PVT Edward Washington Byrd- Co. D, 9th Mississippi Cavalry

    PVT Charles B. Byrd- Co. B, 3rd Mississippi Infantry "The Sunflower Dispersers"

    PVT Pierre 'Peter" Simon Quave- Co. A 3rd Mississippi Infantry "The Live Oak Rifles" Pierre owned a General Store in Gautier, MS, which was shut down for his enlistment in the war. Pierre was killed in Mobile, AL in 1862

    PVT Usant "Laz" Quave- Co. A 3rd Mississippi Infantry "The Live Oak Rifles". Was wounded in 1863, and was marked as both Dead and having Deserted.

    That's who I know of for sure, as of yet, though there is still much work to be done.
    Tyler Gibson

    The Independent Rifles

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    I have a GGG grandfather Abner Morrison who fought with the 43rd Mississippi inf. and a GGG uncle Pervis H. Jordan who fought for the 34th Mississippi Inf. and he was also at Vicksburg and both are now buried in a local cemetery next to each other in my home town.
    “We may be annihilated, but we cannot be conquered.”
    General Albert Sidney Johnston, CSA, in accepting his command rank, August, 1861.

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    Phillip Korndaffer, 71st PA. Inf. Wounded at Gettysburg.

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    On my fathers side of the family, my great,great Grandfather disappeared, (records incomplete), and assumed deceased right before the Civil War.

    On my Mother's side, Cagle, my great, great, Grandfather is listed as a member of an Alabama "Senior Reserve Corp" (He was in his mid-50s)

    Joe Musgrove
    "I fight for Uncle Abe"

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    I've only discovered my CW lineage in the last year. Glad to see that this thread popped up to the top. Very interesting!

    I've had very little luck fining anything at all on my mom's side of the family. I've found a number of VW ancestors on my dad's side, however, through my paternal grandmother’s family. On her father’s side was 1st Lt. Lemuel Powell served in the 99th Indiana Infantry, Co. I. Other than his name and rank, I can't find much other info.

    On her mother’s side is my GG grandfather Major James R. Nation, who enlisted in the 8th Indiana Infantry, Co A, at the outset of the war and rose to the rank of Sgt. Then, he later joined the 9th Indiana Cavalry, Co G, as a Captain. His final rank was Major. James was from a large family of nine children, and went to war with three of his brothers (who would all be GGG uncles) – Enoch, David and Seth, all of whom where also officers in the 9th Indiana Cav. Here's what GG grandpa James looked like:

    James, David and Seth came home fine, but brother Enoch unfortunately hitched a ride home after the war ended on the steamship Sultana in April 1865. If you know your history, you know how that voyage turned out. Brother David, meanwhile, married the somewhat eccentric Carrie A. Gloyd. Once her hobby of smashing saloons made her famous, my GGG aunt kept her new husband's last name (even though she later deserted him) but changed her first name to "Carry" because she liked the ring of "Carry A. Nation" to describe her passion. Finding out that my GGG aunt was Carry Nation was cause for celebration with a cold beer...


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    G-G-Grandfather Samuel Hill 1st seminole mounted vol. Indian Territory!


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