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Thread: Missing Gear Chickamauga 150th

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    Default Missing Gear Chickamauga 150th

    I know this is a long shot, but I figured why not try again.

    At Chickamauga, up in the hillside campaign camp, I was relieved of a roller buckle belt, painted canvas cap box, US made 42 Springfield Bayonet, and MB&S scabbard. It was "lost" on Friday afternoon sometime between 3PM and 7PM. I dropped my gear in one big pile b a tree near my tent fly, left and cam back. Everything was there but the belt setup.

    If anyone "found" it, I sure would like to have it back. No questions asked.

    Galen Wagner
    Yellowhammer Rifles
    Past Master, Oak Park # 864 F&AM
    Montgomery, AL

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    Good luck Galen, I'm still waiting for the guy who found my Federal NCO belt, bayonet/scabbard and cap pouch at Chickamauga to fess up!!!
    Frank Siltman
    Cannoneer, Fort Sill Historic Gun Detachment
    24th MO Vol Inf
    Lawton/Fort Sill, OK


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