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    For people getting into the hobby and looking for muskets there is and . It is not uncommon to see Enfields at gunbroker selling for around $650, we're talking about the nice Italian stuff and not the Indian made junk.

    There are lots of the (unclean [farby]) Zouaves for sale at both sites. Also, Armslist has the "weird" stuff like musket caps.

    This is just information for people to use at their units. I would not sell an Enfield (don't care for the Springfield, just a personal thing) because a better Italian weapon shoots just fine and the Enfields are not a half bad deer rifle. In my state it gets another two weeks to the deer hunting season.
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    your best bet is to haunt reenactor companies looking for someone leaving reenacting. Everyone wants to keep thier gear
    in the loop, and help a pard with a good price when possible.
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