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Thread: Boys uniform items group 2

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    Default Boys uniform items group 2

    Items continued from group 1 listing

    11.Civilian Tick Trousers [Crotch to hem 19"/ waist band to hem 31"/ Width buttoned flat 13 1/2 " $ 20
    12. US Shell Jacket [Shoulder to skirt 19"/ armpit to sleeve 14 1/2 "/ Width buttoned flat at widest 21" $25
    13. Confederate vest[ shoulder to skirt 17'/ width buttoned flat 16" $15
    14.CS Jean cloth Trousers [crotch to hem 20"/ waist band to hem 32"/ width buttoned flat 15" $25
    15.CS Sack coat [shoulder to skirt 17"/ armpit to sleeve 12"/ width buttoned flat 17"/ Like new $35
    16.CS Trousers like new [crotch to hem 22"/ waist band to hem 35"/ width buttoned flat 14 1/4" $35

    all items plus shipping.

    Pictures can be seen at my photobucket account.

    Thank you for looking,

    RC Tarbox
    6th NHVI Company E
    Bully Sixth

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    Default Pictures

    I would like to see your pictures, but your Photobucket Album is private. Thanks,
    Elisabeth Rose

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    Elisabeth--you may wish to switch browsers. I can see his photographs without any problem.
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    Here they are:

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    Try this, hopefully it is public now, please let me know.
    6th NHVI Company E
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