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Looking for a Quality Confederate Unit
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Thread: Looking for a Quality Confederate Unit

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    Default Looking for a Quality Confederate Unit

    Hi, all, I'm a reenacting re-tread. I've been out of Civil War reenacting for about 10 years, and I'm slowly, but cautiously, feeling out unit's to join. I've been researching and putting together my Confederate impression. It's based on all of my research for the local unit, the 55th Virginia. I'd like to find a good Confederate Infantry unit in Virginia, and I can tweak my gear accordingly.

    I'm torn, because I want to go with a more authentically minded group of guys, but my wife likes to come out and do her civilian impression. Something, which, I've noticed is frowned upon in most campaigner groups. Anyways, if you have any suggestions, or are looking for recruits, let me know and forward me your information.

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    Ten years later, you'll find more active civilian groups around, that camp separately from military units. It will take some time and research, but they do exist.

    Often quality 'soldiers only' units will know who their quality civilian counterparts are in the area. Find one, and you will likely find the other, just not in the same unit.

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    ... PM function seems not to be working this am... drop me an email to LtFrederick14va (at) gmail (dot) com
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    The 51st Tennessee is one of those units if you want to join us just email me at spartan59@tat.net my name is alex like I said I can get you in touch with our captain.

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    Thanks for the feed back, everyone, I did not expect this process to be so hard.

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    All depends on how you define 'quality' as everyone define stat differently. As Ms. Lawson stated, many authentic groups have options for authentic civilian ladies. Now, if you mean having a mixed camp of ladies and men, then I do NOT define that as a 'quality' experience. However, if the apron strings can be cut for a few events, you both can attend and do an authentic event, but you will be separated for most of the weekend in most cases at a 'quality' event.
    You could also both do civilian together as well.

    Good luck,
    Jim Butler


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