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Thread: Sutler with some great looking stuff.

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    Several months ago I went looking for a good tobacco pouch and Calum, in good faith, pointed me to what I thought would fill the bill nicely. I showed the webpage to my wife, saying that this would make a nice Christmas present. After I opened the gift on x-mas morning she told me "the rest of the story."

    She'd contacted the guy and paid, and received a tracking number from the USPS. After it hadn't arrived within a week or so, she followed the number and was told that shipping had been paid, but it was never delivered to the post office. She contacted the guy again, and was forced to go to Etsy to get anything. After 24 days of back-and-forth with Etsy, she got a nasty-gram saying that it had been shipped three weeks earlier, but again, when you followed the tracking number, it clearly showed that the item wasn't sent until about the time he sent the snippy e-mail.

    Lesson learned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DulcimerPlayer View Post
    Found this guy on a old west re enactor site. Might not be practical to order from England, but his stuff looks ipressive

    Edit By Moderator-- Paul's link to an Esty site has been removed. Sorry Paul, no reflection on you.

    The vendor linked, Mark Watts, was removed from this forum years ago due to numerous complaints of failure to deliver items paid for. A good Facebook search will reveal that there is still a problem there, especially with large prepaid orders for some of our brothers across the pond. Last I knew, Mark Watts was in South Carolina. He also is the administrator of a large Facebook group for used reenactor items. I won't point that group out, as that will only serve to attract more folks who may not have a clue.

    I will however, point out a FaceBook Group called "Bad Bad Sutlers". Its easy to find in a search. It is an open group, and folks can read the messages without joining. The group was started by several men who each purport to be out several hundred dollars each in undelivered merchandise ordered from Mark Watts. There's a lot of common experience there. Every once in awhile somebody posts who got their stuff from Mark Watts.

    I am Mrs. Lawson and I approve This Message.
    What is this large facebook which he administrates? If for some rule you can't post it here, please send me a private message as I'd like to save on time, money and headaches.
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    Beware of this guy. I bought a Battle shirt from him back on 21st Aug 2012 and it arrived 19 Oct 2012. He used the "my mother died" as his excuse. The shirt sucks and cannot use it for the collar is all messed up and does not fit right. If I would have known today back then, I would have never even looked at his online store. Now if you don't care about getting unfitting clothing or having to email the Esty site managers to get your item, or worse off never seeing your money or the item then buy from Jebediah Nightlinger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by One is the Left! View Post
    What is this large facebook which he administrates? If for some rule you can't post it here, please send me a private message as I'd like to save on time, money and headaches.
    The Facebook Group is Civil War Reenactors Trade Blanket.

    Mark Watts is the administrator for this large sales group. With nearly 3500 members, it serves to attract many to his sales pages.
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