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Thread: Forum Policies for Classified Ads

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    Default Forum Policies for Classified Ads

    Forum Policies for Classified Ads


    Robert Szabo’s Civil War Reenactor’s Forums are, first and foremost, a site for discussion of the Civil War and of reenacting. We offer a sales forum here, but that’s not our primary focus. It seems though; it’s where our moderators spend a good deal of time. Please help us help you by following these policies.

    The Classified Ads section is for Civil War period goods only. This means basically mid 1830's to 1865 items are to be bought, sold, or traded for. This includes reproductions, originals, or materials used to create reproduction items. We've had way too many folks trying to deal in or for Rev War, WWI and WWII goods. This is a Civil War site after all. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Please review the following before you sell or buy on these forums:

    1. Don't sell something you don't have physically in your possession and don't offer to buy something if you don't have money in hand. A good rule of thumb is 7 days - a seller should have payment within 7 calendar days, and the buyer should have his/her goods in hands within 7 days of payment. If the seller has a shorter payment timeframe, that should be stated in the ad.

    2. Know your buyer/seller. It’s impossible to personally know everyone on here, but if you don't know the person you're dealing with, ask for references for past transactions or character references.

    Only Registered Members may post in the sales forums. Junior Members may not use the sales forums to either buy or sell. Take some time to get to know the place, the rules, and the research. You’ll reach Registered Member status soon enough if you participate in the Discussion Forums.

    3. It is impossible to tweak the software to come up with buyer/seller ratings or feedback ratings, but feel free to post your thoughts about the transaction on the thread. Positive feedback is always encouraged, but watch the negatives, as it is the policy of this site to discourage truly negative posts due to liability reasons. Contact the moderators if you have a problem

    4. Pay with Paypal or other outside sources that offer buyer protection whenever possible. Paypal has a good track record of offering swift refunds when a sale goes bad, and will work at collecting and/or prosecuting when necessary. There is a time limit with Paypal transactions and refunds—do not let that timeframe close if you are experiencing a problem. Never send Paypal as a 'gift' or as "Friends and Family" --if you fail to use the "Goods and Services" option your protection does not exist. If Paypal isn't possible, pay with a Postal or other national money order or cashier's check, and make copies. Never send cash in the mail.

    5. Sellers - post accurate information/pictures of your items, and state a price. . Buyers - ask pertinent questions about items if you're not completely sure.

    6. Sellers - although not required, it’s recommended that you ship items insured, and it doesn't hurt to have the ability to track shipments. This protects both parties.

    7. Refer to #1: Don't sell something you don't have physically in your possession and don't offer to buy something if you don't have money in hand. A good rule of thumb is 7 days - a seller should have payment within 7 calendar days, and the buyer should have his/her goods in hands within 7 days of payment.
    NO THIRD PARTY SALES. Lately, due to the economy, the 150th events, and several other reasons, we've had to deal with closing down several sales threads due to "selling this for a friend" or "my friend doesn't have an account here", etc. If it isn't in your hand and you're not the owner, don't post. Thank you for your cooperation

    8. Sellers may only have two “For Sale" posts running concurrently, with no more than 10 items per post only. This is necessary due to the high volume of sales items lately and will make life easier for the moderator team who has to read every post here multiple times. We also suggest that all bumps to the top be done after 72 hours, and not daily and nightly. Posts that violate this rule will simply be deleted without notice to the poster.

    Sellers—please check your email and private messages regularly when you have items for sale. Post to the thread when items are sold. As moderators see a complete sale, the thread will be closed, but not deleted.

    These are suggestions to help create a positive transaction for both parties. One of the benefits of this forum is the ability to buy and sell goods. Bad transactions are damaging to the community and time consuming for all. For us to continue to allow the buy/sell/trade threads, a little due diligence goes a long way.

    We hope all transactions are conducted in an honest and forthright manner, with all parties acting in good faith. Should this fail to be the case, the link for proper forms to file a Mail Fraud Complaint with the U S Postal Service is here:

    If you are selling items here, we encourage you to share a part of those proceeds to help keep these forums available. There is now a Donate button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This leads to a Paypal screen. You may send funds with your Paypal account, or you may use a credit card. These funds will be used to continue operating the CW Reenactors Forum.

    As always, we value your suggestions and commentary. Please contact me by pm with any questions.
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    This thread is pinned for a reason. Fellers might want to read it before they post.
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