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Thread: Kinda New To Uniforms, NEED HELP!

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    Default Kinda New To Uniforms, NEED HELP!

    Howdy y'all!! I'm new to the forum! I have a question okay I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF HAT THIS IS AND WOULD LIKE TO GET ON!!!! If you watch this video skip to about 0:40-0:50 and look to the ole fiddler on the right WHAT KIND OF HAT IS HE WEARING!! ALSO what kind of uniform! for i am a fiddler as well but i want the same loadout or "setup" of the uniform as him! Please help me out and also what are some good sites for other reenactment uniforms for the CS!!!!-Mikey Rebel!

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    He seems to be wearing...
    A woven check shirt
    A Waistcoat in a light blue-grey color, probably wool or silk
    A pair of butternut/yellow-ish jean trousers
    A "round" coat of a dark blue-grey color wool or jean
    A "pork pie" hat that has been well worn and personalized
    accented with a pewter pin (likely denoting a South Carolinian)
    Albert Chain for pocket watch (likely has the pocket watch, too, but we don't see that in the video)
    He's also likely wearing bootees and rag-wool socks that we don't see in the video. ( I think it is the flutist who goes barefoot when he can.)

    Each member of the famous (or infamous) 2nd South Carolina String Band has an individual "look" that has taken years to form and are variations of typical clothing choices for the South Carolina soldier. Each member buys really high quality items for their individual look.
    While imitation is the highest form of flattery... and you're admiring a really well put together group of looks... you'd do better in the long run by looking at photographs of 19th century soldiers documented as living in or being from the area you portray and choosing variations that feature your own "personality."

    Noted makers of hats for re-enactors include: Tim Bender (TP&H Trading Co.), Dirty Billy's Hats, Clearwater Hats, Geo. Franks
    There are many merchants of clothing components and no one merchant is a "one stop shop."

    ...and Mr. "Mikey", kindly stop "yelling" at the company by extended use of ALL CAPS. Our surgeons are running low on sutures at present.
    -Elaine Kessinger

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    I am seeing it differently.

    I see the fiddler on the viewer's right as wearing a once black "slouch" hat where the crown has been collapsed or "telescoped."
    In gleichem Schritt und Tritt, Curt Schmidt

    Not a real Civil War reenactor, I only portray one on boards and fora.
    I do not portray a Civil War soldier, I merely interpret one.


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