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Thread: Button Sizes for Frocks & Sacks

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    Default Button Sizes for Frocks & Sacks

    Santa was wonderful to me, I just got a new sack coat and for the first time, a frock coat. Comparing the two, I notice the sack coat buttons are smaller in size than the frock. The frock buttons are the same size as my older sack coat.

    My question is, is it correct that sack coat buttons be smaller than those on a frock coat?

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    If you're talking Federal issue clothing, they both have the same general service button - 3/4 inch. 1 inch buttons were for the overcoat, with 1/2 inch buttons at the cuffs of the dress coat (frock) and cape of the overcoat.
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    You'll see larger buttons on officers' frocks, and conversely you'll sometimes see 3/4" buttons on greatcoats. I seem to recall a private-purchase enlisted frock having larger buttons, too, though I could be wrong. Generally, though, you'll probably want to replace the buttons on the frock.
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