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    I received a really cool gift from my uncle for Christmas and I was wondering what any of you might be able to tell me about it. He bought it at Gettysburg in 1960 and it was marketed as a battlefield relic. Whether that's true or not I can't really say. Here's what I can tell you:

    -It's obviously old, but in remarkably good condition.
    -It appears to be a little bit smaller than the one that I wear at events. It's roughly 2-3/4" across and 2-1/4" deep.
    -It still has its fleece patch and a rusty nipple pick.
    -The outside flap has an oval maker's mark about 1-1/4" x 7/8". In an arc around the inside of the line reads what looks like "A. SNIFFEN," "SUPINSPECTOR," "U.S," and "ORD DEPT."
    -The inside flap partially reads "J. CO..." and "SPRI..."

    What might anyone be able to tell me? Thanks in advance.
    Mel Glover
    -GG grandson of Cpl Christian Greener, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, Co. F

    -Rob Weaver is my guru:
    -" of the characteristics of a good reenactor is the willingness to not be bulletproof."
    -"Be more concerned with your own impression than with anyone else's."
    -"Be a joyful and competent warrior and other reenactors will want to be around you."

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    Could it be "J. CU...?" Josiah Cummings had contracts for leather accouterments, and operated out of Springfield, MA.
    Marc A. Hermann.
    The Daybreak B'hoys.
    Liberty Rifles - Hardtack Society.
    Oliver Tilden Camp No. 26, SUVCW - Co. I, 83rd NYV, SVR.

    Descendant of Pvt. E. Hermann, 45th PA Militia - Capt. Wm. K. and Lt. Geo. W. Hopkins, 7th PA Reserves - Pvt. Jos. A. Weckerly, 72nd PA Infantry - Pvt. Thos. Will, 21st PA Cavalry.

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    Hello, if you post some pics you might get more info.


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