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Thread: “knapsack tent” of Gilham’s manual...

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    While doing some re-arranging in my computer area, I came across a CD of CW period patents that I forgot that I had. I picked it up because it had one specific patent that I was looking for, and didn't really explore the rest of the CD a whole lot... I got it off eBay about a year ago, it is called Civil War Technology Patents and is from SNS Communications.

    But getting back to Zac's original question, I found three separate patents for "Knapsack Tents".
    • W.B.Johns, patent 23582, dated 4/12/59 is a combined knapsack and tent - the tent resembles a shelter tent, but looks to be four separate panels - two on each side that button together and then button along the top.
    • L.Joubert, patent 39150, dated 7/7/63 is for a combined knapsack, tent and litter - the tent in this case resembles a one piece shelter tent.
    • J.Weber, patent 46195, dated 1/31/65 is also a combined knapsack, tent and cot - the tent is more like a modular garage that covers just the cot.

    There are also a number of knapsack beds - both frame bed and bedroll types.

    Interestingly, there are also a number of both tents and mosquito nets that appear very similar to modern pop-up tents.

    Zac - I'll bring print outs of the three knapsack tents to the business meeting if you're going to be there.

    Michael Thomas

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    Ive strung up a shebang several times from my ground cloth. I have draped it over a rope between two trees and used sticks as improvised poles on other occasions. if you make it somewhat like an A-frame very low to the ground you will stay somewhat dry. Its not the hilton and you gotta belly crawl to get in it but it beats laying in the open in a down pour.

    Captain Andy Witt
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