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Thread: The one (or two) that got away...

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    Default The one (or two) that got away...

    No I'm not talking about that good looking gal (or guy) that you let get away...I'm talking about that piece out of your kit that you thought "well I don't use this anymore" or "it's too small" or even "I really need the money right now". Over the course of my reenacting years, I have done everything from F&I, to Lewis and Clark, War of 1812, and Civil War. Some of them I still actively do, but not all. My wife jokes and says the new will barely be wore out of something and I'm selling it whether to upgrade or get something else. Over the course of selling items, there are two items that I have owned that I look back on and really wish I never would've gotten rid of. This really isn't a rant, but a full blown whine and 'reenactors anonymous session' that some of you may read and respond to, read and laugh, or not read at all...but it sure does make me warm and fuzzy to get it out there.

    1.) Logwood Dyed Ben Tart Commutation Jacket. This was my first CS jacket and if you ask me, a pretty nice one for a newbie. I had not done much research into it yet and someone suggested this coat. I ordered one and spoke to Ben who was very pleasant and helpful. I got what I was looking for and had it in no time. My only complaint and the reason why I sold it was...drum roll...being 6'4, I thought it was little too short. That was it. It didn't look bad at all, it just didn't match up with what I perceived in my mind it should look like. Little did I know at the time, that my trousers should be around my 'natural waist line'. Had I just made that 1 adjustment, it would've made all the difference in the world.

    2.) Any of the 3 federal state jackets I've owned. Being and Illinoisian, I am surprised I have not been drummed out of my state...but then again, we are too busy putting Governors in jail. I have had 3 very nice state jackets from various makers that have all been extremely nice. But for some uncanny reason, I end up selling them faster than what it took for me to get them. (I waited on one for 2 years). My first one was only worn to one event, the second one saw more use and was just getting that nice and broke in look and feel when hard times hit, and finally the third one saw 1 event and I sold it. I have decided to stay with the fatigue blouse impression but sure wish I had one of them back.

    Who knows, one of these days, I may venture back into the idea of picking up a new Commutation or State Jacket (and keeping it) when I get some more funds saved up. Or, I may just complain about it the rest of my days around camp fires and on internet forums like this one and see if anyone else has a similar story...or not.

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    We're almost identical - my two biggest selling regrets was getting rid of a logwood dyed Columbus Depot jacket I made and a Joe Blunt state jacket. I missed the state jacket so much I eventually bought it back.
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    So far the one I regret most selling is my Pritchett knapsack.....Loved that thing! I made it under the watchfull eye of my teacher and the majority of it was hand sewn, I traded it in 2011 for a civillian frock as all I had was a CS shell jacket and wanted something correct for the period. The good news is that I can always make another!
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    That's easy - Navy Arms 1863 Springfield. Felt good for drill. Would fire on 35 grains of powder. Sold it to a new guy so I could get an 1861 Springfield. Which gave me no end of trouble for several years.
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    Bought a Euroarms 1853 Enfield off a guy who couldn't get it to fire, paid a hundred bucks. Cleaned it, flushed out the nipple and it fired first time every time. Sold it when I joined the Real Army and looking at price tags now makes me squirm.
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    I regret a coupla loans to a certain person... because several years later the items have still not been returned.

    If it's unclear whether the item is a gift or loan... ASK for CLARIFICATION.
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