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Thread: Original Fowler For Sale!!

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    Default Original Fowler For Sale!!

    I have an original 19th century fowler for sale. If interested the best way to contact me is by email at Price includes shipping unless you want it shipped very long distances. Thanks

    PRICE: $325

    Bought off the AC and never used by me. Here is the information posted by Paul Boccadoro when I brought it from him.

    PLUSES: From what I can tell, this thing is mad old. This looks like a pretty rough 'n ready, backwoods squirrel-shootin' firearm because of the simplicity of its "non-industrial-revolution" design, the interesting ramrod, and the informally cut-down stock. The stock used to be the full length of the barrel because there is a bar attached to the underside of the barrel that would have been seated into the stock. Barrel is octagonal in the rear, then tapers to round. The ramrod is solid and has an extremely cool swirl scorched into it. It also sticks out past the muzzle when seated into its chamber I asked a gun expert about that one time and he said he has seen that before on fowlers. Note that the tulip/head of the ramrod is bent/curved downward and away from the muzzle blast. The stock is solid with a beautiful color, and the lock mechanism is completely made up of hand forged parts, as far as I can tell. The hole from the cone to the breech is fully clear. No stamps at all on the lockplate or barrel. I will include a simple cotton duck gun sack that I made.

    MINUSUS: The lock holds half cock, but does not hold full cock at all, although it kinda grinds and you can tell that it is probably from a worn tumbler. You might be able to fix this, but most likely you will need a replacement tumbler. The cone might be rusted-in.. I don't know for sure because I never tried to remove it in fear of tearing up the metal. Ideally you would have it removed, have a sleeve inserted and threaded, and a new modern cone put in to accept modern size caps (right now you can just barely wedge #11 caps onto the original cone... it's not ideal, but you can still kinda sit one on there. Please note musket caps do not fit this).

    So the only work that needs to be done is to work on the tumbler a bit, and if desired, have a new cone installed (again, the present one is fine, but barely accepts #11 caps).


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    BUMP**** This unique original firearm is still up for grabs!!!! Somebody jump on it!


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