The film crew from Panteao will be documenting the reenactment of the Battle of Chickamauga for the four days of the event. We have been working closely with Mr. Terry Crowder and Mr. Don Gross from the Blue Grey Alliance, Mr. John Culpepper from the City of Chickamauga, and GA State Senator Jeff Mullis.

I have been to the site at Mountain Cove Farms to walk the property with Mr. Gross and Mr. Culpepper. Everything is being done to ensure that the reenactment of events from September 18, 19, and 20 of 1863 will go off in a technically accurate manner, right down to the building of Reed’s Bridge and Alexander’s Bridge.

With regards to the filming we will be doing during the event, we will have four different crews on site. One crew will be embedded with the Federal forces wearing period correct uniforms. One crew will be embedded with the Confederate forces also wearing period correct uniforms. A third crew will be wearing period correct civilian clothing and filming interviews and behind the scenes footage. The fourth crew will be filming from a high altitude platform, out of view. Our goal is to be as invisible as possible during the event.

The footage we are filming will used in an upcoming motion picture called "Alexander’s Bridge". After the theatrical release of the film the DVD/Blu-ray release will include a second disc that contains all the behind the scenes footage and battle footage. Of course key segments of the battle will also appear in the motion picture. Shortly after the reenactment, we will produce a DVD containing behind the scenes footage and the different battles from the event.

Last but not least, in June of 2014 we will be coming back to Mountain Cove Farms for three weeks to film the remainder of the film with the principal actors. For that filming we will be needing 50 reenactors to portray both Federal and Confederate forces, 4 of which need to be mounted cavalry. We will also be seeking seven reenactors to portray members of the 17th Indiana from Wilder’s Brigade. Those seven reenactors will have speaking roles in the film. Anyone interested in participating in the filming in June please reach out to Don Gross, Commander, Frontier Brigade, at He will be your point of contact.

I hope to see many of you at the reenactment in September.