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Thread: New Enfield de-farb for sale

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    Default New Enfield de-farb for sale

    I have completed a brand-new Armi Sport defarb and want to sell her. This is the 1st one of Armi Sport's brand new "de-farbed at the factory" models they sent me as payment for my extensive work to help them get it right (which they failed miserably at). So, as soon as I got it and realized that they have no earthly idea what they are doing still, I de-farbed their attmept at a de-farb and am going to sell it as I have no need of another Enfield. This one is done as an Eyton Bond version with 1862 dated plate. It's like my others and as close to "perfect" as I can make it. It has the "swamped" wood between barrel bands however as Armi Sport still believes this is correct. But, this one is not that bad really - certainly not as bad as some of the others they sent over. I have drilled-out the cone vent to reduce misfires as well.
    Asking $975 which covers shipping and is still a little less than what it would sell for through the Blockade Runner. And, it is ready to go now as opposed to waiting weeks and weeks for me to do it if you ordered one. Not to mention the fact that NONE are even in stock at BRi currently with no idea when a new shipment will arrive.

    No pics of it are handy but surely you know what it looks like by now.
    PM me if interested.
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