I am looking for any items for my 2 yr old daughter and 8 mth old daughter. I don't want to spend a lot of money and want them to have some items they can grow into. I would normally sew these items myself but just don't have the time anymore and my hands really wont let me do it. My 2 yr old is tall and skinny for her age so she fits it modern size 18 mths-24 mths but but 8 mth old hasn't lost her baby fat so she is wearing stuff a little on the bigger size. I am also looking for proper shoes, bonnets, even proper toys.
Also looking for some items for my wife. Again I normally, but cant. She is a modern size 20-22. These items could include day dresses, hoops, work/camp dresses, blouses, etc. We had gotten out of the hobby for a little bit and now wanting to get back in. Any help or any advice on where to get some of it cheap would be great. PM or email at johnnyreb13nc@yahoo.com. Thanks.