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Thread: Two Confederate Painted Oil Cloths by Claude Sinclair

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    Default Two Confederate Painted Oil Cloths by Claude Sinclair

    I have two of these ready to ship. It is rare that I have two in stock. I am also taking orders for Confederate and Federal Oil Blankets. Documentation comes with the Federal Painted Oil Blankets. Yes I know, I misspelled Battalion in my address. For new orders the turnaround is about 2 weeks. It has rained over 10" over the past two weeks and rain does slow me down. I corn starched over 10 yards of material today and then the rain came. I had to roll up the material. Will dry later today. The big boat I am building is almost finished and finding two snakes was easy.
    Very Respectfully
    Your Obedient Servant,

    Henry Hancock, Esq. AKA Claude Sinclair

    Henry was my gggg grandfather who produced 3 sons who fought in the WBTS. Two died while serving.

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    I contacted you. Did you get or should I resend

    David Parent
    Muhlenberg Lincoln Killers Mess

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    Do you still have a confederate painted oil cloth ready to ship? If so, I am interested in purchasing one. Do I do this via PayPal? Thanks.

    Jeff Durham


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