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    on September 20th 1862 the 118th Pennsylvania crossed Blackfords ford with intent of chasing "Bobby Lee" back into Virginia. Apart of Barnes brigade they intended to go into Virgina (now West Virgina) on reconnaissance and maybe a small fight. they met with some of Stonewall Jackson's hardest fighting troops of the war, men of A.P Hill's Division. A fierce battle on the bluffs above the Potomac insued and through much confusion Barnes Brigade withdrew away from Pender's hard fighting North Carolinian's. All of Barnes Regiments withdrew except for the green troops on the 118th Pennsylvania. The were seized by a entire brigade of Confederate troops and horrible casualties were taken. Eventually the 118th broke for the river and suffered greatly, many jumping off the bluffs to escape capture.

    151 years later, the battlefield is in danger of being developed and the ordeal of the 118th forgotten, As a relative of Private who was wounded at Sheperdstown with the 118th i urge you, visit the Sheperdtown Preservation association web site so we can preserve this history, Thank you

    relative of
    Private John Woodhead
    118th PA INF
    Discharged for wounds received at Sheperdstown

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    My GGG grandfather was also in 118 th PA in company A William Smith
    Survived the battle .he was wounded at Cold Harbour in 64 .So many lost during Sheperdstown VA.


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