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Imagine what it must be like to be born with the last name "Dumas," and the uphill struggle to get it pronounced the right way. I don't know whether that's his birth name, but a quick google search shows that he uses it consistently when writing about himself, reenacting, and other things, as well as professionally:




I'll go out on a limb here and say yes, there really are mainstreamers so clueless that they think what they see at mainstream reenactments is all the hobby has to offer. And there really are hardcores so jaded and cynical that they'd scoff at a reenactor for having a funny name. Some myths are true.

He's up in New England, apparently. I doubt he's still reading here, but I'll give him a non-whining answer. First, straighten up your own act. Leave modern stuff at home rather than hide it. Don't spend the evenings drinking with people in the other camp. Respect that other reenactors might be as interested in having a period experience as the public and don't lower your standards after hours. Be prepared to do what someone would have done at the historic time and place, rather than what people do at modern camp-outs.

Then look for better events, email the organizers, find out who you can fall in with, and travel further to attend. There aren't a whole lot going on right now--maybe a few a year nationwide--and you'll still find folks with mainstream attitudes at them who are trying to get away with as much as they can, but you can also find folks with better attitudes, so try to hang out with them rather than the ones trying to pull the authenticity down. Check out event listings at www.authentic-campaigner.com to see what's available.

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Thank you Mr. Trent for a well-reasoned reply and thanks for the alert with the above information on the day of the first post (it was the reason the thread only got locked and not deleted). This is a good way to go out for this thread I believe....