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Thread: Jewish Reenactors sought for Gettysburg

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    I'm going to take a liberty here after speaking directly with our new user Althegut, Alvin Guttman. He cannot use the messaging system as he is still a Junior Member, nor can members contact him.

    He is trying to raise at least 10 Jewish men over the age of 13 in order to form a Minyan for prayer services to take place during the BGA Gettysburg event on Friday evening. As this is to be a period service, Jewish women may not serve in the numbers needed to make up the Minyan.

    Please write him directly at

    While he is gathering this group and looking at times, I'll help him find a location.
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    A little short notice, but I just fired off an e-mail. I was just on a different forum discussing the most period-appropriate options for prayer shawls and yarmulkes, so this is right up my alley. If Alvin is still reading this thread, this is a very cool thing he's organizing.

    Also, his e-mail is, not lawsuits- the latter resulted in an error message.

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    Appreciate your comments diplogeek


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