The Fifth U.S. Artillery will be at The Battle of Fort Pocahontas at Wilson's Wharf May 18 and 19 for the 2013 battle reenactment. We need 2 or 3 artillerymen to help man one of our full size Napoleon cannons. If you are not reenacting with your own unit that weekend please give us a hand. We reenact Battery D, a U.S. Regular unit. We wear the Union Artillery Shell Jacket, (dark blue with red trim), sky blue trousers, boots or brogans and forage cap. I have a couple of small & medium sized Shell Jackets, some brogans and some forage caps to lend. Men or women are welcome in our unit, ages 14 and up, both wear the same uniform. Call Sgt. Major Jan Kopacz at 571-572-0594 or email Thanks